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FPC Preschool

FPC Preschool is a 4-Star Program.

FPC Preschool is a 4-Star Program.


FPC Preschool is a 4-Star Program.

FPC Preschool is a 4-Star Program.

FPC Preschool is a 4-Star Program.

Classes are available for children ages 2 1/2 to 5 (pre-Kindergarten).

Children must be potty-trained before attending school. 

For more information, please contact Shiloh Murillo, preschool director at (480) 835-7877.  Scholarships may be available for those who quality. 

FPC Preschool is a 4-Star Program.


Arizona First Things First - Southeast Maricopa Regional (Sept. 2017 Issue)

Enas Patros and her husband Neo, became concerned when their son, Joseph, was just two years old. Joseph didn’t talk much and would get embarrassed and frustrated when trying to communicate.

“Since we speak three different languages at home, I was concerned this was delaying his speech,” said Patros.

As a new mom, Patros was worried and not sure how to help Joseph. When she was referred to Quality First, First Presbyterian Preschool Center in Mesa, she decided to try it. Patros hoped Joseph would open up and communicate more if he interacted with other young kids, but her top priority was to find a safe place for Joseph - - a center that would feel like home and even better. Quality First is a signature program of First Things First that partners with child care and preschool providers to improve the quality of early learning across Arizona. The main purpose is to make quality improvements that research proves help children thrive.


Joseph struggled the first three weeks at the preschool. He cried and wanted to go home every day.

“It was hard on both Joseph and me, but the staff at the preschool reassured me that Joseph was showing progress,” said Patros. “They listened to my concerns and worked diligently with us.”

By the fourth week, everything began to change. Joseph was happy and eager to go to school every day. He started playing with friends and learning new things. With the help and advice of the teachers, speech delays were identified and Joseph began speech therapy. Within six months, Joseph was using more words, and he started opening up by communicating his feelings and needs. Patros and her husband were relieved and thankful for all the support.

A year later little Noah joined his big brother, Joseph, at the Quality First Presbyterian Preschool.

“I discovered that every child is different, and I learned how to interact with Joseph and Noah using activities that help them develop new skills.” said Patros. “The staff at the Quality First Presbyterian Preschool taught me how to teach my kids at home through play using simple things like water and Play-Doh instead of expensive toys.”


“The staff at Quality First, First Presbyterian Preschool made our family feel at home. I now feel stronger, better prepared, and patient to meet the needs of my four children.”

FPC is host to a federally funded HeadStart program for students of low-income families.

Registration is required for morning and afternoon classes.  More information is available by calling our HeadStart office at (480) 969-7914.