Sanctuary Choir Guidelines

First Presbyterian Church † Mesa, AZ

  1. ATTENDANCE: Choir members should be committed to attend rehearsals and worship services regularly. Since we rehearse music several weeks in advance, you are needed at Wednesday rehearsals even if you will be absent the following Sunday. Try to avoid Sunday office duty, liturgist duty, and other commitments which prevent your regular attendance in the choir. (Other members of the congregation will then have additional opportunities to serve.) For planned absences, sign your name on the large attendance calendar. Unplanned absences should be reported to your section leader. If you'll be missing a Sunday, place that week's music in the vertical file organizer on top of the folder cart.
  2. FOLDERS: Each member has a slot in the choir room folder cart. Slot assignments are listed on the side of the cart. You may take your music home to study, but be sure to bring it back on Sundays.
  3. ROBES: Robe assignments are listed on the side of the folder cart and on the bulletin board by the robe cabinets. Thou shalt not hold conversations in front of the cabinets. Hang your robe and fully close all exposed Velcro. For cleaning/repair needs, please contact the Robes chairperson. (Do not wear your robe while eating, or thou shalt have it dry cleaned.)
  4. MEETING TIMES: Be in the Choir Room by 6:55 p.m. on Wednesdays and in the Sanctuary choirloft by 8:25 a.m. on Sundays, so we can begin our warm-ups on time.
  5. WEDNESDAYS: On Wednesdays, get the folder and music from your slot and the In-Choir-ing Minds newsletter on the music stand by the white board. Check the Rehearsal Schedule inIn-CHOIR-ing Minds to see what music will be rehearsed. If you are missing an anthem, tell the Music Librarian before the rehearsal begins. While other sections are rehearsing, keep private discussions to a minimum. “God is in heaven, and you are on earth, so let your words be few.” - Ecclesiastes 5:2 NIV
  6. We sit in close proximity to one another, and our singing requires good, full breathing; avoid ALL perfumes/colognes.
  7. SUNDAYS: On Sundays, put our worship music in order at the front of your folder. (Recommendation: the folder is more manageable when it contains only Sunday's music.) When entering the Sanctuary on Sundays, hold your folder down in your right hand. Row leaders should walk to the chair before the row signs. If no sign is in the chair, walk to the end of the row.
  8. During the prelude, microphones will also pickup casual conversations.  The Prelude is the beginning of worship & meditation.
  9. The Director will signal the choir when it is time to stand and sit. (Leave folders open when being seated.)
  10. Recessional spacing should be two pews apart. Leaders: use a moderate pace.
  11. Do not carry purses, waterbottles, etc. during Processionals and Recessionals.
  12. Offer the readings at unison tempo, so the focus is on the readings not on individual readers. The joy of being in a worship choir is in combining our varied styles and talents into a uniform offering in worship to God.
  13. Turn in your music after worship, unless you have been told by the librarian to keep it (note on white board). Music should be placed in the tray on top of the folder cabinet.  Turn in any praise songs, and recycle other hymns in the blue basket.
  14. If you would like to assist the choir in areas in addition to singing, consider being a Choir Officer.  Let Mark know.

Your participation, commitment, and partnership in ministry are deeply appreciated.Together, let us sing joyfully unto our Lord!