Sanctuary Choir

Mark Ramsey, Director - Bea Towe, Accompanist



The Sanctuary Choir rehearses in the Choir Room each Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. (unless otherwise noted). All are welcome to sing in the Choir! Here is our Choir Schedule.

In-Choir-ing Minds

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


 Alleluia. Amen!


The world has never been stable.  Jesus Himself was born into the cruelest and most unstable of worlds.  No, we have babies and keep trusting and living because the Resurrection is true!  The Resurrection was not just a one-time event in history; it is a principle built into the very fabric of our beings, a fact reverberating from every cell of creation: Life wins!  Life wins! - Gloria Gaither


Technique: meh, mee, mah, moh, moo

Purpose: Resonance


(Available rehearsal recordings are highlighted below and on the Choir Schedule.)

Hymns/Praise Songs: Holy Spirit

Sunday's Anthem: Alleluia - Jane Marshall (#771)

  •  Glory to God, Whose Goodness Shines on Me


  • Next Choir Social: TODAY! - Snack Potluck!
  • After our trial period of 7:15 rehearsal start times, we will revert back to 7:00 p.m. as our "permanent" start time, beginning April 18. 
  • Check out this Music Reading Tutorial created by  Many of our praise song arrangements are provided by musicnotes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: 2018 Summer Music will begin next Sunday, May 27.  Special Music will be provided by the First Ringers.  The summer schedule will be available on the 27th.  If you've not yet completed the summer music form, please search back in your emails for "2018 Summer Music" ASAP, or send me a note, and I'll forward it to you.  Thank you!  Mark


“Why don’t you go to church?” the Lutheran pastor asked the man with whom he had struck up a conversation in the grocery line. “All I have are my work clothes,” he said, looking down at his dusty jeans, muddy boots and sweat-stained tee shirt. “I can’t come to a Lutheran Church like this.” The pastor then collected some nice clothes from the congregation and gave the man quite an upgrade in his wardrobe. Several weeks later the pastor bumped into him again. This time the man wore a pair of kakhi slacks, penny loafers and a buttondown shirt. “Why didn’t I see you at church?” the pastor asked. "Well,” the man began, “Last Sunday I showered, shaved and put on the clothes you gave me. I looked so dang good I decided to go to the Episcopal Church instead.”


  • 6/10 Ellen
  • 6/14 Joan
  • 7/15 Kristen
  • 8/4 Gordon
  • 8/7 Susan
  • 8/15 Don


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