GriefShare Recovery Support Group: Your Journey from Mourning to Joy

If you've lost someone close to you or know someone who has, please consider attending GriefShare support group/seminars.  GriefShare is a seminar/support group for people grieving the death of someone close.  It's a place where you can be around people who understand how you feel and the pain of your loss.  At GriefShare, you'll learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time in your life.  Please contact the Church Office, (480) 964-8606, for further information on GriefShare or any Christian Education activity. 

11 Myths of Grieving

Myth - Time heals all wounds
Fact - It is what you do with that time that heals

Myth - It has been 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, you should be over it
Fact - You will always love your loved one but the unbearable grief or pain can be understood and diminish

Myth - Christians don't grieve
Fact - We do not grieve "like those who have no hope". Our grief is different because we have hope through Jesus. King David said about his newborn son "He cannot come to me but I can go to him".

Myth - Tough it out, the pain will go away. Other people who have lost loved ones seem to be okay.
Fact - God meets us where we are, not where we pretend to be. Don't be brave and strong, be human.

Myth - My loved one died so long ago. This can't help me.
Fact - You can remain teachable, learn and grow, and allow God to equip you to help others.

Myth - I should have done something differently 

Fact - It is a destructive fantasy that we can put things back to the way they were. We can't save other people, they will do what they want. God has numbered our days.

Myth - There is no God and if there is He either does not care or is to blame otherwise my loved one would still be here.
Fact - Grief blocks my ability to see God. God is central to the healing process.

Myth - I will never be happy again. I don't feel like getting up, going to work, being sociable.
Fact - Emotions change constantly and make me forget things I know to be true. Don't be guided by emotions. Truth never changes. Trust God!

Myth - I can't live without my loved one.
Fact - Only God can be your all in all. God should be and wants to be a bigger part of your life than your loved one. You can depend completely on Him.

Myth - I lost my spouse, child, parent, friend, loved one.
Fact - You only lose something if you don't know where it is. We know where they are but we miss them.

Myth - I cannot make it without my loved one.
Fact - If you only look in the rear view mirror you can never go forward.