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Circles meet once a month at various times for study,

fellowship and service. Several special Gatherings are held

throughout the year for all women, and often include

families as well. Below is a listing of the Presbyterian Women’s Circles

active at FPC. Please contact PW Moderator Sue Eisenklam for more



Deborah Circle Tuesday Homes Morning Presbyterian Women
Eve Circle Monday Homes or Parlor Evening Presbyterian Women
Lydia Circle Tuesday Parlor Afternoon Presbyterian Women
Rachel Circle Tuesday Library Afternoon Presbyterian Women


Grace Groups

Grace Groups are small groups of women who meet around a shared interest. Groups meet an average of once a month at various times and include Needlecraft, Scrapbooking, Games, and more.


Small Groups

Several of our church adult small groups are for women only.  Please see the small groups section for more information.




Donations to Nepal Initiative and Earthquake Relief





Weekly Bulletin