FPC is one of several host sites to I-HELP (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program). On Sunday nights a group of 8-15 women become temporary residents on our church campus. They receive a hot meal and are screened for participation at Paz de Christo, then transported (along with mattresses) to FPC. Here they have access to a shower and a safe place to sleep. The next morning will leave the church grounds early following a light breakfast and with a lunch in hand. Volunteers are needed to assist with meeting the guests, preparing lunches, doing laundry and so forth. Please contact Nancy Tordai, Brooks Newbry, or the church office 480-964-8606 for more information.


Mesa Presbyterian Ministries 

bobfillerThis innovative ministry does most of its work by providing housing and utility assistance to the working poor, with help also available with food and medical needs. A needs assessment is done by interview and, if aid is approved, a plan is developed, often in concert with other agencies in the community.

Over the past five years the MPM staff have interviewed over 10,000 families and has given out over $468,000 in assistance.

Mesa Presbyterian Ministries is a qualified 501(c)3 charitable organization under the Arizona Welfare Tax Reform Act of 1998, and under certain conditions individual gifts up to $400 can be deducted from Arizona Income Tax.

Contact MPM Administrator Bob Gerlach at 480-649-0206 or visit us on LinkedIn or Facebook for more information.


Food Cupboard 

In a land of plenty, no one should have to go hungry. The Deacons Food Cupboard at FPC is, for many, a welcome alternative to prospect of hunger. Often it is a mother seeking groceries for her family, at other times it is a homeless person just looking for a can of beans and a few crackers.

The food cupboard ministry is refreshed through monthly food donations by church members and by assistance from the United Food Bank. Up to 50 bags of groceries are given away each week.


Eisenhower School 

FPC is also in partnership with a neighborhood "at risk" school. Eisenhower Elementary sees an incredibly high turn over in students every year due to unstable housing and job situations. The church provides back packs at the start of the school year, collects gifts at Christmas through an Angel Tree program to benefit several families referred to us by school personnel, and does other projects as requested by the school.  It would be great to add a tutoring component to our work there but such a program needs a leader (could this be you?).


Laubach Literacy 

The old proverb speaks of "teaching someone to fish" to ensure they eat for a lifetime. Teaching someone to read has a similar benefit, and it is the goal of Laubach to provide basic literacy training and training in English as a second language.

Tutors for Laubach are given thorough training in an easy-to-use system and are then paired with students. A close relationship can form between teacher and student, which is just one more reward of this amazing ministry.

Contact Laubach Literacy, 480-964-3833, for more information.


At Risk Children 

FPC provides space for several community agencies that work with "at risk" children. A double-session Headstart meets on our campus.




Donations to Nepal Initiative and Earthquake Relief





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